Be. Here. Now

In this moment, there really is no time limit.  The past fades.  The future hasn’t arrived.  “Time” as we know it, melts away . . . becomes insignificant. Be.  Here.  Now.  Right now! NOW lasts perpetually. There is ALWAYS right now. And now. And NOW. AND NOW. Being in the now is timeless . . […]

Christopher Warden|"Special" Doesn't Rely On Titles

  “Freedom belongs to men of titles . . . who live as if they are titleless.”


Past. Present. Future. The Gift of ‘The Present’ Is What’s Most Important.

Christopher Warden|Past. Present. Future. The Gift Of 'The Present' Is What's Most Important.

12 December 2012. 12/12/12. Life decided to play through me this morning as I did my daily journaling . . .  wanna play yourself?  I felt the urge to celebrate this unique day in history by writing: 12 memories I cherish from the past 12 things I’m grateful for in the present 12 things I […]

Christopher Warden|Awakening: The Action That Manifests Your Inner "Awesome."

Don’t focus on “improving yourself”. You, “in God’s image” are PERFECT as you are!  Focus instead on AWAKENING – being completely alert and deeply rooted in THIS MOMENT – which enables you to fully manifest your awesomeness within!


A Call For Objectivity and Application of Innate Wisdom In A World Obsessed With Vaccination and “Peer-Reviewed” Research.

Christopher Warden| A Call For Objectivity and Application of Innate Wisdom In A World Obsessed With Vaccination and "Peer-Reviewed" Research.

What is “the truth”?  Are we talking “truth” as in what lies naked, under the spotlight for all of us to objectively perceive?  Or are we talking “truth” that is fed to us through the filters of others, that could very well have been spun/created to serve particular interests?  What is the truth?  What is your truth? Let me […]


What Determines Your Destiny?

‎“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”                                              […]


Standing Tall In The Face Of (Fully Conscious) Awareness.

Christopher Warden|Standing Tall In The Face Of (Fully Conscious) Awareness.

We talk about cultivating awareness as being a ‘good’, necessary thing because it opens you up to manifesting your limitless possibilities . . . so why would you have to ‘stand tall in the face of awareness’? Because being ‘aware of your awareness’ (getting tastes of full consciousness and then living with it) can feel […]