Emphasis On Emotion and Psychology . . . On A ‘Health And Fitness’ Site.

“If you’re not mentally and emotionally willing to follow the plan of action, even the ‘best’ plan of action will fail to work.”

People remark from time to time that many of my posts are mind-body related . . . and they wonder why I have a tendency to focus on emotions and psychology.

It’s a good question, especially in light of the time and travel I devote to study and application in kinetic chain theory, East & West health philosophies, nutrition, body work, strength and conditioning . . . and applied psychology.

Why does a lot of my writing skew towards emotion and psychology, considering that the combination of all things done by a quality health and fitness professional are important to a client’s success?

Frankly, the answer is simple.

Emotion and psychology are the foundation for your success.Emotion - A Critical Factor In Health and Fitness| Christopher Warden

They are the foundation!

Is structural alignment important (along with the ability for me to teach you how to correct any compensations you might have)?

Absolutely.  Structure determines function.  If your structure is off, function at all levels is compromised, particularly if “being off” extends into prolonged periods of time.

Is nutrition important?

That’s a no-brainer, right?  Forget about emphasizing calories.  What are you building yourself out of?  What nutrients are you consuming to ensure optimal function of every facet of your physiology?  Nutrition is critical.

Is body work (read: soft tissue therapies, joint work, etc.) important?

Sure!  Aside from the fact that it feels good (Actually, it often feels better after it’s done . . . :)), when it’s used correctly, with a holistic perspective in mind, body work is an important tool in helping the body to function properly — particularly if the body has fallen prey to compensatory behavior, and is having trouble “remembering” how to perform correctly.  The body work wakes the body up, so to speak, and creates the space for it to function as it innately knows how to do.

Is exercise important?

YES.  Movement is important.  Exericse, prescribed in a manner that is specific to achieving what you want – while also taking care of your needs – will deliver increased functional reserve (you’ll have energy to do what you want, with more left in the tank) by delivering you the likes of strength, endurance, power, mobility, flexibility, etc.

All of this said, NONE of the above matters if you neglect to face, understand, control, comply with (fill in the blank) emotions and psychology.

None of it!!

Structure, function, nutrition, body work, movement — they are all critical parts of “this whole health-and-fitness-thing,” but the Psychology - A Critical Component In Health And Fitness | Christopher Wardenglue that brings them together, the impetus that propels you into action (or to keep taking action through thick and thin) is emotion and psychology.

The irony, of course, is that it’s the emotion and psychology that get neglected the most!

The reasons for this neglect vary, including everything from:

  • Emotions and psychology are a part of the ‘unseen world’ (i.e. If it can’t be seen, measured, touched, weighed . . . it escapes consciousness.  Out of sight, out of mind . . . out of order.)


  • “I don’t want to get into it.”
  • “Yeah, I know, I know . . . I’ve got it under control.”
  • “Let’s talk about it later.”
  • “I prefer to keep things light . . . “
  • “Just give me the answers I need — the quick tips that will fix me NOW.”
  • “What does this have to do with getting my ideal body?”

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that emotions and psychology tend to be one of the last things focused on in the health and fitness arena, and, because of this, too many people struggle to reach their goals, to maintain their goals if they’ve achieved them OR to SEE their accomplishments once they’ve succeeded because they’re still not satisfied and searching for something more.

What solution has proven itself to work best in helping others to achieve rapid, long-lasting, immensely gratifying results?

(The answer’s obvious, right?)

Emphasizing the role of emotions and psychology in planning – and carrying out (!!) – the best plan of action.


. . . And this is why my writing is skewed toward the topic so often.

To make you think.  To help you discover/uncover/remember the essence of you.  To motivate you.  To teach you.

To do everything in my power to help you achieve raging success in all that you do, starting in the realm of health and fitness.


Tune into your deepest desires!  KNOW your heart and your mind!  Follow them!!  Take action now!!

The rest of the ‘health and fitness equation’ will take care of itself . . . :)

Have a great day!!

Natural Health and Fitness Coach


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