Goal Achievement – Using Deadlines To Get The Best Out Of You.

“Psychology Trumps Physiology . . .”

Set a deadline.

You hear that often in terms of goal achievement, right?

Set specific fitness goals . . . and give yourself a specific deadline.

A deadline contributes to the magic in the ‘magic trick’ of getting your goals accomplished. Without it, you may never get started. (Read: “I can start that tomorrow, next week, next month . . . next year.”) With it, you get the proverbial ‘kick in the pants’ that propels you forward.

That is, if the deadline influences your psyche the right way.

Some individuals have a negative reaction to the word ‘deadline’, whether it’s a feeling of unbearable pressure, or if it’s resorting to less-than-ideal strategies for accomplishing a goal — both of them contributing to a journey that’s really unpleasant, or that you end up dropping out of altogether.

What’s one of the most common ‘less-than-ideal’ strategies?

Reacting to a deadline with the mindset that you’ve got to speed things up.

Speed up, as in resorting to drastic calorie cutting.

Christopher Warden | Natural Health and Fitness Expert

Are you setting deadlines and using them effectively?

Speed up, as in drinking magic potions guaranteed to help you lose weight.

Speed up, as in passing on sleep so that you can train more and work harder.

‘Speeding up’ is akin to cutting corners and oftentimes neglecting the very things that give you the success you’re looking for. This might work with last minute deadlines like turning in a paper, getting your car fixed, or finalizing the details of tomorrow’s hot date . . .

But so much with health and fitness goals.

So, what’s the solution?

Adjust your mindset!

1. Use the deadline to create a sense of urgency, not a case of neuroticism.

2. Instead of thinking ‘Speed Up!’, focus on producing QUALITY. Instead of ‘Do it faster’, think ‘Do ALL that I can, the BEST that I can!’

  • Eat quality, nutritious whole foods.
  • Get your sleep.
  • Drink lots of pure water.
  • Follow a specific training protocol — train SMART and HARD!
  • Live according to your values so that you’re as happy and stress free as possible.

Do these things, all to the best of your ability, and speed won’t be an issue. Neither will the deadline.

You’re psyche, your actions and the health you create will take care of you, and you’ll have accomplished your objectives before you know it.

Your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

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