“Shewya, Pshewya” Has To Go . . . (Or, Patience is Overrated if You Seek Success)

Patience is Overrated

In my 2+ years living in Morocco, there’s an Arabic phrase I’ve come to know pretty well: “Shewya, Pshewya.” Loosely translated, it means “Slowly, little by little.” In other words . . . Be Patient! Let’s get this done.   Shewya, Pshewya. We’ve got to change this.   Shewya, Pshewya. Let’s help so-and-so accomplish his/her objectives!   Shewya, […]


Water Consumption Protocol

Water Consumption Protocol | Christopher Warden, Natural Health and Fitness Coach

Drink  your water, blah, blah, blah.  Yes, you’ve heard it before – 1,000,000 times before, in fact.  You know all there is to know and you know it’s important. GREAT! So drink your water. Hey, I study and LIVE this health and fitness stuff both personally and professionally, and even I overlook what “water is […]


(A Sampling of) Health Benefits of Water

Health Benefits of Water | Christopher Warden

Suffice it to say, because our body consists of roughly 75% water (with the brain being 85%), the element is incredibly important for the body’s function . . . and survival.  Dr. F. Batmanghelidj illustrates this point well in his book, “Water:  For Health, for Healing, for Life”. Listed below is a general synopsis of […]


How To Ensure You’re Always Headed In The Right Direction.

Know Your Purpose | Christopher Warden

Know Your Purpose. That’s it.  That’s the secret to finding and staying on (or returning back to) a fulfilling life journey. Know Your Purpose. You hear this often — and even acknowledge its importance — but do you take the time reflect on it, think about it and take action? Do you come to feel […]


How To Create Heaven On Earth.

Christopher Warden -- Heaven On Earth.

In enlightenment discussions, the following concept is used to help us consider how we treat/talk to ourselves: We talk to our best friends with loving voices.  We would never (or at least, VERY rarely) talk to them in consistently harsh, critical overtones. Similarly, if somebody on the street walked up to us and started berating […]


Are You BORED With Food Choices? - Bored With Food?

. . . Or are you simply reacting to the lack of ready-to-eat food under your nose? Let’s try to examine this idea objectively for a second: Food is just that — food. REAL food is real food. Processed food is processed food. An abundance of real food exists on the planet, available for your […]


Do You Really Want to CHANGE Yourself? - Remember Who You Are

Hey, change is a part of life, right? Is there anything wrong with wanting to change yourself? In the way the word is commonly thrown around in the realm of health and fitness, no, there’s nothing wrong with saying “I want to change!” It merely indicates that you’re looking to become an enhanced version of […]