ALL will come to you with PRACTICE, my friend — even SILENCE and STILLNESS amongst the noise . . . Keep Practicing.


Precious Cargo Lies Within . . .

If this were my last message, I’d tell you to . . . “Avoid determining your self-worth from the opinions/treatment of others.”  (This is a concept I’ve struggled most with over the course of my life . . . and for what?) Your true value lies within you and is determined by you, regardless of […]


Successful Healthcare Reform Requires A Completely Different Approach.

Christopher Warden | "Successful Healthcare Reform Requires A Completely Different Approach."

The debate over healthcare reform continues, and becomes more mind-numbing by the day.  What’s most disturbing about the ongoing conversation is that, in addition to the fact that it’s perpetually ongoing, it fails to address the root cause of the health problem facing United States. If the United States is going to successfully reform healthcare, perhaps it’s […]


What are 3 fundamentals to living your dreams? Know what specific dreams reside inside of you. Put those dreams ‘out’ to the universe.  (Declare your intentions!) Take action, with ‘action’ being a combination of: moving forward/creating opportunity AND ‘sitting still’, in quiet observation, to pick up the signs being sent your way. Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat. […]


If This Was My Last Message, I’d Tell You To . . .

Christopher Warden|"If This Was My Last Message, I'd Tell You To . . ."

“If this was my last message . . . ” This a pretty loaded phrase, yes?  Particularly when I feel like I’ve got so much I want to share!  At the same time, thinking “If this was my last message . . .” is particularly good at creating a perceived sense of urgency; and this […]



Christopher Warden|Gratitude

    GRATITUDE Thank you, Universe . . . For yesterday. For a great night’s sleep. For the opportunity to wake up this morning. For the opportunity to breathe, move and eat. For the opportunity to be aware . . . and open. For another opportunity to give . . . to SERVE. For the […]


Professional Practice and “Evidence-Based” Science: Can’t One Be Valid Without Proof From The Other (Yet)? Let’s Focus On What Really Matters.

Christopher Warden| Professional Practice and "Evidence-Based" Science: Can't One Be Valid Without Proof From The Other (Yet)?

“Lots of discussion lately about needing research to prove the theoretical basis of your work. Unfortunately, research is usually years behind the curve. While I like research as much as the next person, to only let that be your guide would cause a disaster to innovation. Rather than put others down for a “lack” of […]