What Is Exercise? And How Do You Have To Exercise To Get The Body You Want?

Christopher Warden Talks Exercise.

It’d be nice if the answer was clearer here in 2011, yes? But even today, with increasing awareness that a holistic approach to health and fitness will best serve all of us – from the ‘average everyday active individual’ to the elite athlete – there seems to be a disconnect amongst the masses about what […]


How To Guarantee Yourself Sucessful Fat Loss (And Perpetual Health)

A "Health-First" Mentality Accelerates Fat Burning.

It’s no secret. You hear about it. You see it. You may even personally experience it: increasing numbers of people around the world battle with obesity and chronic illness. And for every handful of individuals that fight the battle and win, there are scores more that struggle like the clichéd hamster in the wheel, getting […]


Is Exercise REALLY The Answer To Fat Loss?

Is Exercise Really the Answer? (A philosophical look at our obsession with using exercise for fat loss. . . Have we ever explored any other options, or do we only look to exercise because it transforms us fastest, as opposed to being the healthiest – or even the most fundamentally effective – way to lose […]


Are You Consistently Consistent?

Christopher Warden - Consistency

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. — Aristotle Slow and steady wins the race. — Aesop Ask any well-versed personal trainer or avid fitness enthusiast what it takes to get in shape and you’ll more than likely get a list that includes something like this: Set […]