The Importance of Asking, “Why?”

Christopher Warden|Is Strength Training or Cardio More Effective for Boosting Metabolism?

Hmmmmm. Changing ourselves.  Changing (saving?) the world . . . How do we do it? Obviously, there are many ways to contribute . . . one of them is to start asking “WHY??” We’re an intelligent species (theoretically). With this gift of ‘critical thinking capability’ we tend to ask, “HOW” . . . and move […]


“When Should I Begin?”

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Dax Moy had offered to share his insights on goal achievement as a guest author on my blog. Tonight, the first post appears. . . Thanks for contributing Dax! _______________________ “When Should I Begin” (pursuing my goals)? Dax Moy If there’s one question I’m most commonly asked […]


76 Days . . . 76 Goals?

“The path to greatness is along with others.” — Baltasar Gracion, Spanish Priest If you’ve been stopping by lately, you’ve seen that I’ve been writing a lot about the actual process of goal setting. What can I say? The last 6 months have been big in terms of “having things come together” for me personally […]


What’s Your Purpose? (Enroute To Becoming A Fitness Coach, Part II)

Lesson II — Take the time to discover the real you; FIND YOUR PURPOSE. Setting goals is analogous to finding your purpose and it is a crucial function in any fitness endeavor. You need to be open to your intuitions and let them assist in defining your purpose in life; let them map out a […]