What Is Exercise? And How Do You Have To Exercise To Get The Body You Want?

Christopher Warden Talks Exercise.

It’d be nice if the answer was clearer here in 2011, yes? But even today, with increasing awareness that a holistic approach to health and fitness will best serve all of us – from the ‘average everyday active individual’ to the elite athlete – there seems to be a disconnect amongst the masses about what […]


The 3 Best Ways To Ensure Your Fitness Program Is Working For You.

The training programs tried by the masses that guarantee their abilities to shed fat, build muscle and deliver incredible health are typically rigorous and very stressful on the body. There’s nothing wrong with them (and they obviously work well for thousands of people), but there are many times where the training doesn’t work, despite the […]


Is Your Training Program Unrealistic? (Or Are You Just Unwilling?)

You can do anything you want, as long as you put your heart and mind into it . . . as long as your heart and mind wants to be in it! It’s not uncommon to read interviews where a trainer suggests that people fail to accomplish optimal fitness because the training programs they’re being […]