Choose ‘Conquerer’ over ‘Victim’.

Christopher Warden|Natural Health and Fitness Coach

Regardless of what anybody says, you are in control of your ability to heal. Not one of us health practitioners is able to ‘fix’ you — you do the ‘fixing’, with the help of a guide if you choose. In the same manner, no health professional has the right to tell you what the outcome […]


The Courage To Be Me . . .

Christopher Warden|"The Courage To Be Me . . ."

Be True To Yourself.  Show Courage.  Be Vulnerable. I coach this sh*t constantly, doing my best to guide others, and I still marvel at the fact that I feel ‘struggle’ on a regular basis. I coach others to ‘go within’ to help themselves heal, and get all they deserve in this life; to face their […]


Titles don’t make the (wo)man.  The ‘essence’ within us – and our courage to demonstrate it – does.


Is UTOPIA Possible?

Christopher Warden| Is Utopia Possible?

Is UTOPIA possible? I’ve had many suggest that I’m too idealistic; that ‘aspects of my purpose’ are impossible to achieve. Is achieving ‘the idealistic’ really . . . impossible? Or is an ‘idealistic result’ (for myself/yourself) completely, ‘realistically’ possible with the presence of clear intention, focus, dedication, passion, perseverance, consistency, authenticity, courage, love . . […]


Practice The Art . . . Of Practice.

Christopher Warden | Practice The Art . . . Of Practice.

Practice the art …. of PRACTICE. Pick A single thing – and drill it! Focus on it.  BE with it.  Breathe with it.  Flow with it.  FEEL with it. Develop a deeper relationship with the technical aspects of the skill you’re practicing. From the fundamentals of that technical skill, develop your artistic expression: Build a […]


Live simply. Be vulnerable. Be authentic. Be true to yourself and express your truth PROUDLY and FREELY. This ‘simple’ (infinitely powerful) practice changes lives – even those of individuals you’ve never met.


Practice The Art . . . Of Movement.

Another perspective on Training/Movement: Practice the ART of Movement. Become a Movement Artist. Let yourself BREATHE….. Let yourself FLOW….. Let yourself PLAY…… Let yourself BE FREE…… Move WELL. Move OFTEN. ———— In today’s world, much of the focus when it comes to exercise is on the quantity performed (sets, reps, volume, intensity). Sure, this is […]